Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser




I bought this product not knowing what I could expect of it. I kind of knew it existed but was never really tempted to buy it. The package is colourful and bright and I just didn’t find it that attractive. It reminds me of my teenage years when I just bought everything as long as it was flashy and smelled of strawberries or some other fruit, no matter the quality of the product.  I stumbled upon ‘Baby skin instant pore eraser’ while I was looking for my Maybelline foundation, and the Baby skin/Lip product were stalled beside the foundations. I saw the bright packaging and decided I should try this out at least once.

After cleansing my face and putting on moisturizer I put a little bit of the product on the tip of my finger and started robbing it in. The transparent gel feels very smooth, light and silicony (maybe a bit greasy as well). I was positively surprised by how my skin felt after putting it on. My skin felt like my baby nephew’s skin. So Soft! I can’t say that my pores look smaller, but the silky feel makes me forget about that.
I had absolutely no problem with putting my foundation over this primer. It blended in well, my foundation stayed in place and although the baby skin primer has a mattifying effect, my skin still looks shiny enough. I’m not going to say that my make-up lasted all day with this primer, but long enough for me.

Verdict: Your skin feels like a baby, it has a matt-effect, but doesn’t erase your pores like it promises. If you want smaller pores or have oily skin, I would not recommend this product. The product itself is a bit to greasy and will probably make your oily skin worse, and might cause brake outs.
For people with dry or normal skin and for eveybody who wants a really smooth skin, you should all have this in your make-up bag!

Have you ever tried the Baby Skin products? What did you think?

Nele x 

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