Lush Sleepy Body Lotion


I wish I could say this product works miracles, I really wanted it to do so. Unfortunately, it does not.
The last few weeks/months I have had some trouble getting and staying asleep. I first tried some homeopathic drops, but they didn’t help. When I heard someone talk about Lush Sleepy body lotion I decided to give it a try. She told me that she had used it for a week and she’d fallen asleep 10-15min after applying ‘Sleepy’.

The first thing that hits me when I open the container is the beautiful mix of lavender and oatmeal. This product has without a doubt a relaxing and calming scent. I put it on my wrist and temples, because I got the feeling those are the places that need to be calmed down. The lotion feels soft and refreshing when it hits my skin. It may not be the most nourishing or moisturizing body lotion, but that’s not the reason I bought this product. So far so good.


I get into bed and get myself comfortable, and… nothing happens. I don’t feel calmer, more relaxed or sleepy, but I do still love the scent.
Although the lotion doesn’t make me sleep, I still put it on every night just because of the smell. I might buy this product again just because of that reason.

Have you ever tried out ‘Sleepy’? Did it work for you? Do you have some suggestions for me to fall asleep faster?

Nele x 

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