L’Oréal Color-Vive Day Cream


In October, I dyed my hair lighter instead of darker for the first time in 26 years. Whenever I dye my hair, I always use L’oréal elsève color-vive shampoo, conditioner and mask. I love those products, they make sure my colour stays vibrant, my hair feels soft, light, shiny and clean. Because I bleached my hair my hairdresser advised me to use a silver shampoo once or twice a week.
Unfortunately, my silver shampoo dries out my hair a bit, especially the tips. I wash my hair every 3 to 4 days, so I needed to find a product that would nourish my hair and make it nice and soft throughout the non-washing days. Since I love the L’Oréal Elsève products, I decided to try the day cream.
I’ve been using this product fort the past 3 months, and it lives up to its promise!  Linseed elixir and UV filters nourish the hair fibres maintaining its rich colour and radiance. Whenever I use this product my tips go from dry, dull and fragile to hydrated, soft and glossy. The cream has a soft feel to it and applies easily. I only use it on the tips of my hair because I’ve got naturally greasier hair, people with dryer hair can use it on the entire length of their hair. It’s a definite pro that the cream has a nice fresh scent, causing me to apply it daily on my hair with great pleasure. I would recommend this product to everyone with dyed hair, whether it’s bleached or not.

Which products do you use to nourish your dyed locks?

Nele x 

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