Clarins Beauty Flash Balm


As a Miss Coast Belgium finalist, I was gifted a set of Clarins’ beautyproducts. I had heard some good things about their products, but had never bought them myself since they are a bit more expensive then my normal products. This gift was perfect for me to get to know Clarins.

One of the products I got is the beauty flash balm, it’s an instant radiance booster that will brighten and tighten your skin. It promises ‘a more beautiful appearance in a flash’. As I have written in one of my previous blogs, I’ve been having some trouble sleeping, and some days I look more like a Zombie than a human being. A lotion that reduces the signs of fatigue is exactly what I need.

I have been using the balm for a few months now, and it’s without a doubt a keeper. The lotion is light pink and smells fresh and soft, it applies easily and refreshes your skin immediately. You don’t have to rub the product in, so in the beginning I was scared it wouldn’t dry and my face would feel greasy. But that didn’t happen, your skin absorbs it easily since you don’t need a lot of lotion to see any results. The effect is instant, my skin feels and looks fresh and tight. I think this product is a winner. I use it daily, in the morning to feel more awake, or as a primer for my make-up. It’s the perfect primer, my make-up stays perfect during the day, and my skin looks bright and fresh, even when I’m having a bad or stressful day. The Beauty Flash Balm retails for €34.95/50 ml.

Nele x

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