Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour Foundation


For the past few months Maybelline’s Super Stay 24 Hour has been my go to foundation. I bought this product at the end of last summer when I was a bit tanned. I’m still using it even though I’m not tanned now, and the shade is a bit too dark (I use 10 Ivory). Which I solve by wearing a lot of turtle necks in winter so you can’t really see the difference of colour between my neck and face.

The bottle has a pomp so you can control the amount of product you use. The foundation isn’t too liquid or thick. I like to apply my make-up with a beauty blender, I feel like it blends evenly leaving no lines. The foundation feels very comfortable on the skin, no cacky, packed on feeling. It provides full coverage without being too heavy, my freckles are still peeking through, which gives a natural effect. You also don’t have to worry about the foundation piling up in your laugh lines or the lines underneath your eyes, it doesn’t budge.

The formula has a matt finish but there is still some shine in it, which makes my skin look flawless without any obvious pores. Maybelline promises this foundation to stay on for 24 hours, and although I have never worn it for that long, a foundation that stays beautiful for 12 hours, is a definite winner! Even during a photo shoot in the pool, it almost didn’t move. All it needed was a small touch up, and I was ready to go again.


I don’t think I will change foundations soon, or it really must be one that works miracles.

Nele x


Tip: Write a blog about every make-up product you have, mine are always dirty but I have to clean them if I want to take some decent pictures 😉

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