Revolution Ultra Contour Palette

This was the first contouring palette I ever bought. I saw so many bloggers and youtubers raving about it, and since I knew nothing about contouring, I decided to pick this one up. Over the past few years I’ve tried many other palettes, but this is the one I find myself going back to every time.

What I love about this palette is that I use almost every shade in it, contrary to other palettes that have dozens of shades but you only use 1 or 2. The price-quality is so good for this product. It’s a drugstore brand, but in Belgium I have, unfortunately, only found it at ‘Di’.

The banana shade is perfect for setting my concealer, it gives such a natural, warm finish, and doesn’t look powdery at all.
I’ve gotten a lot of compliments about the highlighter; the gold and white tones combine into a champagne gloss. It’s subtle enough for an everyday look but gives your face that extra brightness and shine. You can build it up for a night time look.
As you can probably see, I use the second of the contour shades the most, it’s just the right colour for me. It’s ashy, which gives a more natural finish, my cheekbones have never looked better. All the powders blend in so well, as usual I use my beauty blender, and it works perfectly.

The banana powder, highligher and second contouring powder are the three products I use the most, but to switch things up from time to time, I love using the other shades as well.

Which palettes do you use?

Nele x

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