How To Find Your Perfect Shade Of Foundation

Once in a while you learn something new about products and things you use on a daily base. Such as why there is a hole in the middle of a Spaghetti spoon, or that the grooved side of a boby pin should face toward your scalp. You never knew until someone told you or you accidently read about it.
Yesterday I made a new discovery of that kind. I stumbled upon an article while reading an online magazine (  It was titled ‘With these tips you will never again chose the wrong shade of foundation’. The first sentence of the article intrigued me right away; ‘Do you know what the N, W, Y or C in the colour shade of your foundation mean?’. My answer: ‘No, I actually don’t. But what a good question, what do those letters stand for?
Isn’t it weird that someone who is so passionate about makeup, has never really wondered what these letters mean? I knew, of course, that they distinguish one shade for another, but it never crossed my mind that those letters can really help you finding your perfect shade. Reading the article opened a whole new world for me. It will be so much easier now to find that perfect shade for my skin tone.

Ready to learn some new tricks?

The different shades of foundation aren’t only ordered from light to dark, a lot of times they are also subdivided into Cold, Warm and Neutral tones.  You can easily find out which skin type you are by performing a quick skin analyses. The best place to tell which tone you are, is on the inside of your wrist, where the sun has affected your skin the least.

Is your skin pink and do your veins look blue or purple? Your tone is Cold.
Does your skin have yellowy or golden tones and do your veins look green, then you have a Warm skin tone. If your skin isn’t a pronounced pink or yellow, and your veins are a mix of blue and green, then your skin tone is Neutral, like mine.

So how do you know which shade of foundation to pick? Besides the number that indicates the light or darkness of the shade, the shade name often has a letter to indicate the tone as well. In most cases this will be a C for Cold, W for Warm and N for Neutral. Sometimes they use a Y for warm or Yellow tones and R for Pink or Cold skin tones.

Once I figured this out, I ran to my make-up cupboard and looked at my L’oréal True Match foundation. Now I know why shade 1.5N is a perfect match for me, and why the W and C will never truly work. I was so excited after reading this article, I couldn’t wait but share this knew found information with all of you. I hope you are as thrilled as I am.

Did you know about the letters, or am I the only one who is so blissfully ignorant?

Nele x 


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