‘Andrélon Volume Dry Shampoo’ and How To Use It

When I was younger I used to wash my hair every other day. If it had been up to me I would have washed it every single day, since my hair just didn’t look fresh and nice the second day. It felt greasy and had absolutely no volume in it whatsoever. But since I had read in a magazine, that washing your hair every day only made things worse, and cause your hair to get greasy even faster, I settled with washing my hair every other day.
That is, until I started to get passionate about beauty and I realised washing your hair 4 times a week was still way too frequent, and you should keep it at a maximum of 2 times a week. I had noticed that those rare moments I had left an extra day between my washdays, my hair looked and felt so much better and healthier. Determined to have my hair as healthy as possible I started to ‘train’ my hair. I only washed it twice a week, and that’s how dry shampoo became a really close friend of mine.

The thing about dry shampoo is that there are tricks and tips on how to use it. You can’t just spray it on your hair and start your day. You have to use it right to get the best results. I learned this out of experience.

  • Don’t spray dry shampoo all over your head, just stick to the top couple inches. Chances are that the bottom of your hair isn’t greasy, so applying an oil absorber all over can just make your hair stiff and dull.
  • To evenly distribute the product, spray the product about 20cm away from your head. This will also avoid getting that dusty white look.
  • After spraying the product, you should wait about 5 min before brushig or combing, it will give the formula time to absorb the oils. Also massage the product in before combing, so it doesn’t just sit on top of the hair, but gets to the greasy parts.
  • Used to much product? You can easily remove it by blow-drying your hair.
  • Since hair tends to look greasiest after you wake up, you should apply dry shampoo before going to bed, and then back in the morning, to counteract any oil build up while you sleep.


My favourite dry shampoo is ‘Andrélon Volume Dry Shampoo’ which I love because it smells so much fresher than all the other shampoos, it gives my hair an extra boost of volume and doesn’t leave a white powder on my hair or all over the bathroom floor.

Do you have some more tips for me? Let me know!

Nele x 


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